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Venturo & Tiger Electric crane Venturo & Tiger Electric Models:
  1. Available in capacities from 750lb to 30,000lb with lengths from 3’ to 20’.
  2. Power rotation, elevation and boom extension available on most models.
  3. Heavy Duty 12v planetary winches and motors with aircraft-quality wire rope and Anti-2 block safety. 12’ pendent control or optional radio remote available.
  4. Standard and custom installations available for types of trucks and equipment.

Venturo and Tiger Hydraulic crane

Venturo and Tiger Hydraulic Models:
  1. Available in capacities from 30,000lb to 66,000lb in length from 6’ to 24’.
  2. Fully hydraulic boom rotation, elevation and extension.
  3. Anti-Two system and Capacity overload shut-off system.
  4. 25’ remote control pendant or optional radio remote control.

Amco-Veba: Articulating Knuckle Boom crane Amco-Veba: Articulating Knuckle Boom:
  1. Available in capacities from 15,000lb to over 200,000lb with horizontal reaches from 15’ to over 100’.
  2. Additional control functions available for winches, rotators and grapples.
  3. Proportional standard and Radio remote controls with AVPS power system and rechargeable battery packs. EBB motherboard function control monitor.
  4. Hexagonal boom sections with SGS extension system and SDD soft decent overload.