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Company history:

The company was started by Peter Garafano in 1943 as a welding and repair shop is today a design, construction, and sales/service organization for the trucking industry that covers approximately the eastern half of the United States.

Peter Garafano, born in Italy, came to this country as a child where his family settled in Paterson. He went to work early in the city’s famous silk mills, but later joined the Leslie & Elliot Company, where he apprenticed and learned boiler repairs, becoming skilled at welding.

During World War II he served at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where he helped build the famous battleships Missouri and Iowa. Despite the long Brooklyn hours Garafano set up his welding and repair shop next to his The Garafanoshome in Paterson. With metals scarce, his skills in repairing boilers and tanks were highly valued. After the war he pursued his new business on a full-time basis.

By the early 1950’s he and his son, Peter Jr., who worked with him on a part-time basis, began building a full-service shop in Paterson, NJ. Following his son’s return from service in the Marine Corps, Garafano’s business grew, and the company had five employees when it was incorporated in 1956.

In addition to the firm’s welding services, Garafano and his son branched out into structural steel and ornamental ironwork. Eventually Peter Garafano & Son, Inc., began servicing fuel companies with its storage tanks, tank trucks, and fuel pipes and eventually evolved into a tank truck and trailer specialist.

The shop on Wabash Avenue was expanded in 1970 to three bays, but with major oil customers and dozens of independent oil distributors, Peter Jr., who had assumed control of operations, sought to expand facilities. With support from city officials, the firm was able to acquire a three-acre site on Marshall Street, where a 12-bay facility was opened in 1981.

Peter Garafano & Son, Inc., has always been a family business. First it was the father and son. Now the third generation of the Garafano family with sons Peter III and Daniel own and operate the company.

The firm currently has three divisions: Garafano Tank Service, which sells and services tank trucks and trailers for customers from Louisiana to Boston; and Steelfab, acquired in 1984, which installs and customizes truck bodies, municipal, and other heavy duty equipment throughout the Northern New Jersey area and most recently, GTS Tank Service, a stocking distributor for most major lines of tank and trailer parts for distribution throughout the eastern United States. With the firm's flexible approach to the marketplace, Peter Garafano & Son, Inc., is a growing company looking forward.